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We live in a time of online fraud and many people have been ripped off, stolen from and cheated in the past.
We want to counter this and founded xQuantum in mid 2022 and xQuantum Gamezone in early 2023.
We put an end to the fraud!
Everyone should have the opportunity to build a passive income with relatively little money.
This is not a "get rich quick project". A little patience is required. 


Xquantum is a Swiss based non-profit association.
Our team consists of 4 people in the management.
We have seen ourselves how many of our friends and acquaintances and people we do not know personally have lost money in dubious projects.

Our Team

Nicole, CEO        
Roger, CTO    
Rune, CMO    
Muhamed ( Leo ) DEVELOPER


You invest in e-sports. We currently have e-sport teams of 5 people each, which have been 11 months playing for us. xQuantum finances the teams with entry fees, hardware and software, as well as tournaments they attend.

New investors make it possible for us to form new 5-person teams. However, the number of teams is limited. Once the capacity is exhausted, we do not accept new investors.

The team of 5 plays e-sports games, competes in tournaments and individual challenges together. Prize money is divided between the teams, the investors and a fund. The fund is used to compensate for losses, since it cannot always be guaranteed that games will be won.
However, since we have been on the road with a successful team for a long time and we see that in part better profits can be achieved in the group, we have decided to expand this further.  

The players meet several times a week and play together. Big tournaments are played physically on site.
Our teams remain anonymous. The reason for this is the combination between playing and investing. We do not want our players to be influenced or pressured.


We are not dependent on the crypto market. Depositing with BUSD is for convenience, as fiat currency is difficult with financial service providers.
If the crypto market collapses or BUSD ceases to exist, the money that has not been converted to fiat will be lost.
Although we are not dependent on the crypto market, there may be a loss in such an event. Likewise, there is a risk that there will be no more e-games. However, we do not assume this at the moment. The market is too big. Power failure, i.e. loss of the intranet, loss of a team member can also lead to losses. We are constantly trying to react positively to such events.
We always pay out in BUSD. If the circumstances require it also in XQZ/XQZS tokens possible.
This is the case if there is a lack of liquidity on the market or fiat transactions are no longer possible. If the fiat financial system collapses, other ways must be found. With XQZ/XQZS we are working on an interface in the future to make money transfer easier.


We do not promise fantasy returns. Seriousness, honesty and realistic profits are our credo. With our returns we promise a long cooperation with our investors. 

Your stake can be 250 BUSD or 500 BUSD. You can buy as many packages as you want. There is no KYC.

Duration of a package: 12 months. You have the possibility to pay out your profit 1x per month or every 3 months. In case of monthly payout you will receive 5%. In case of payment every 3 months, you will get 25%.
At the end of the term your deposit will be returned to you.

The return is calculated according to the term.



Return with payout monthly 5%
Return with payout every 3 months 25%
2500 XQZS tokens (value 125USD in token presale)


Yield with payout monthly 5%
Return with payout every 3 months 25%
5000 XQZS tokens (value 250USD in token presale)


You set the payout at the beginning of the purchase of the package. No change to the selected payout plan is possible during the 12-month term. Daily payouts are not possible.

There are only 2 packages. Smaller packages would be too much of an administrative burden.
If you want to invest more, you can buy several packages.


Payout in a crypto currency or XQZ/XQZS Token.

KYC is not necessary with us.


All you need is Metamask. On the Gamezone page (I will add a link), you can see your current account balance at any time. 
Every month or every 3 months, you can withdraw your rewards via Metamask. The payout is NOT automatic.


You can find all necessary information on our website or write to:


We do not give any information about taxes.
You are responsible for the taxes in your country


Deposit BUSD fees to be paid by investor
Withdrawal BUSD fees at the expense of the investor (you are responsible for having some BNB in your wallet for withdrawal).

You need Metamask and to connect to our website.


On the website of xQuantum you can see different offers. With the XQZS token you have an interesting additional staking opportunity.
So nothing stands in the way of your way to financial freedom.
The XQZ token also offers attractive deals.

The donated tokens can be used for attractive staking. With the staking you generate more tokens. Until the token is listed on the exchange, you have enough time to increase your token. If necessary, you can buy more tokens via the following link. 

All necessary information can be found in the whitepaper of the XQZ/XQZS token.


Your xQuantum Team


Last update: 01.02.23

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