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Cristiano Ronaldo demoted again in FIFA 23

After his inglorious end at Manchester United, Cristiano Ronaldo is thriving again at his new club. He scored five goals and two assists for Al-Nasr after four games.
Despite these accomplishments, Cristiano Ronaldo was once again demoted for FIFA's career mode. Shortly after he left Manchester United, EA SPORTS took a point off his overall rating. Down another point in January, his rating has reached the value of 16 years ago as a result of the most recent correction: 87.

Many attributes affected by the downgrade
The point deductions remain moderate, but there are some. Crosses (77), volleys (84), ball control (86), acceleration (75), reactions (89), shot power (92), long-range shots (87), rest (93), positional play (92) and the conclusion (90). There are even two points for short passes (76) and dribbling (79).
Ronaldo's new overall rating is the second worst of his FIFA career. In his debut year 2004 he got an 80 stamped by EA, in FIFA 07 there was an 87. However, the values ​​in the game mode FIFA Ultimate Team remain unaffected. The rating here is still 90. However, it can be assumed that in EA SPORTS FC, the successor to FIFA 23, the red pencil will be unpacked again.


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