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Teacher streams Fortnite and teaches good behavior to kids

Teacher streams Fortnite and teaches good behavior to kids
An American teacher enjoys streaming Fortnite in her spare time and uses the game to teach her students good social values.

A teacher who plays Fortnite with her students is probably going to resonate with a lot of kids these days. But Lori Weber sees much more in joint gaming. She uses it as an opportunity to teach her students good values in togetherness.

Who is Lori Weber?
The teacher Lori Weber comes from Indiana and currently teaches in the 5th grade. In her spare time, however, she is probably better known by her streamer name, "Slytrue48".

Under this name, she regularly streams Fortnite on Twitch for almost 20,000 followers.

In an interview with PCGames, she says that she originally started with Fortnite to understand what her students were talking about. The common topic of conversation quickly established itself as a method of building a better bond with their protégés.

Having already gained some gaming experience through World of Warcraft and Assassin's Creed, Lori also enjoyed the Battle Royale herself

Fortnite as an educational tool?
The teacher created a Twitch account and started streaming the game. It was not uncommon for her students to stop by the stream and watch their teacher.

Their live streams are targeted at their 5th graders and there are strict rules. Bullying or insults are forbidden and she takes great care to ensure that everyone is nice to one another.

It's also about teaching them how to be a good athlete, how to lose gracefully. […] They want to play video games, but you have to be a good athlete in that area too.

On weekends she even plays with her students on various custom maps. As they play together, Lori takes special care to praise good gameplay and behavior and spread positivity.

Your method is well received
Lori's slightly more unconventional approach is well received by the other staff at the school.

Even my principal tells new kids she wants to send to my class that I'm a gamer. Especially some of the guys playing Fortnite give me this instant connection that you wouldn't normally have with them.

And the children? Of course they think it's pretty cool to have a teacher who plays Fortnite.

She has also received a lot of positive feedback from her students. They tell her that they feel safe in their community. For Lori, this is proof that she actually manages to provide a safe and friendly online space for the kids.

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