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December 22 & January 23


The year 2022 was marked by various scams. Cancri, Attiora, Juicy Fields, Zion, FTX to name a few.
Scams cast a very bad light on the industry. xQuantum stands against it and makes the difference.


Are you a scam victim in 2022? If so, read this carefully!

xQuantum will pay out in December 22 & January 23 - up to 100% of your loss with XQZS tokens as a gift.


-You buy at least the Dandelion XQZS S - package from us. 
-Fill out the online form and send us the following information
-Proof of the purchased XQZS tokens with wallet address (without proof see info under help packages)
-XQZS address token address for crediting the tokens
-Proof of the lost amount/wager as well as the received refunds via printscreen.

Example: You have wagered somewhere USD 1000 and received back 600.
Difference of 400 we will credit you in XQZS tokens on your wallet.
(We do not compensate ref. bonuses etc.)

What is your benefit?

XQZS is a pure staking token, which has the goal to increase the token.
If you have bought at least the Dandelion XQZS S and get from us e.g. another 500, then you can stake the Dandelion XQZS L with 40% monthly compound interest.
When you go public, you can either sell the token on the stock exchange or you continue to stack to generate even more tokens, which guarantees you further profit afterwards.

Auxiliary packages:

Without proof we give you (provided you bought the XQZS S package)
12'000 USD in tokens = 240'000 tokens


With proof we give you (assuming you bought the XQZS S package)
the equivalent in tokens. Maxium is 100'000 USD.


Calculation example:
Package purchase XQZS S 500 USD / 10'000 Token / plus e.g. 240'000 Token = Total 250'000 Token
which you can use in several packages in the Staking.
With 250'000 tokens you can stake 1x XQZS S staking at 25% monthly and 12x XQZS L staking at 40% monthly. After about 6 months you would have about 1'328'000 tokens. The token has a value of 0.05 cents at the moment. If the token crashes at the IPO and has a value of only 0.01 cents, you would still have USD 13'280 profit but only 500 USD invested. Where do you get something like that for free?


Why are we doing this?
We want to prove to you that there are still serious projects. xQuantum is one of them. You decide whether you want to accept the gift or not. 

xQuantum is honest and real. If you are, then you fit into our community. The goal should be that nobody invests in shady projects anymore.

This help and rescue action is only valid for scammed projects in 2022. The offer is valid from now until the end of January 2023!


Form our heart
Nicole & Roger





Note for all who do not submit proofs. We are aware that you can cheat if you don't have to prove anything. We are fair and do not question it. However, be aware that you were a victim of fraud - don't do the same. 

The token payout may take 2-3 days. Don't panic - you will receive the tokens as promised.

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