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As far as in these statutes personal designations are specified only in masculine form,

they refer to women and men in the same way.


1 Name, Legal Form, Registered Office

1.1 Under the name of "xQUANTUM & xQUANTUM GAMEZONE exists an association, in the sense of
      in the sense of Art. 60 ff of the Swiss Civil Code (ZGB). The association understands itself as a "non-profit association" and
      accordingly xQUANTUM & xQUANTUM GAMEZONE keeps only a simple bookkeeping.

1.2 xQUANTUM & xQUANTUM GAMEZONE has its registered office in Münsingen (BE).

2 Purpose and Liability


      -purposes are the maintenance and promotion of E-Sport Games

      -offers a rich program of div. online games

      -maintains its own website and various social media channels (e.g. Facebook, Telegram)

      -is politically and denominationally neutral

2.2 The association's liabilities are covered by the association's assets from membership and patronage fees.
      patronage contributions. Any personal liability of board and club members is excluded.



3 Membership

3.1 xQUANTUM & xQUANTUM GAMEZONE is composed of the following members
      -founding members (board of directors)

      -passive members (supporters/investors)          

      -patrons and sponsors

3.2 xQUANTUM & xQUANTUM GAMEZONE can be joined by men, women, neutrals. Minimum age is 18 years.
      The admission to xQUANTUM & xQUANTUM GAMEZONE by a written application via the

      application form. All admissions are either approved or denied by the board. It does not need a general meeting for this.
      A rejection does not require any justification.

3.3 Passive members are men, women, neutrals who regularly invest in online games with at least a one-time contribution.
       Passive members do not actively participate in the games, but only enable the promotion of the games.

3.4 Individuals, associations and companies are registered as patrons/sponsors, who support xQUANTUM & xQUANTUM GAMEZONE        through a one-time or annually recurring contribution (USDT 25). The contribution is based on the goodwill of the individual and has
      no connection to one of the mentioned memberships.
      With the paid membership fee the member has automatically the right to profit distribution, depending on the distribution,
      depending on the profit generated during a calendar year.

4 Contributions

4.1 With the exception of patrons and sponsors, all members shall contribute an annual recurring amount of USDT 25.00.
      The contribution is part of of the investment/support contribution paid by the member.


5 Organization

5.1 The organs of the Association are:
      - the ordinary general meeting

      - 2x yearly general meeting (online)

      -the board of directors

5.2 The ordinary general meeting takes place in the first quarter of the year and is chaired by the acting president until the end.


5.3 The powers of the ordinary general meeting are:
       -approval of the minutes of the last general meeting

       -approval of the annual report of the President

       -approval of the annual report of the game director

       -approval of the annual report of the marketing manager

       -Approval of the cash report

       -Approval of the activity programs for the new season


5.4 With the exception of motions to amend the statutes (paragraph 9.1), motions to be submitted to the President in writing f
      by January 31st of the new fiscal year at the latest.

5.5 Meetings of the Association may be called by the Board of Directors at any time, if the needs of the require but a least 2 times per
      per year via Zoom meeting.

5.6 General Meetings shall only constitute a quorum if they are convened at least 20 days before the meeting date and the agenda has
      been announced. Written invitations may also be sent electronically (by e-mail). The invitation with the agenda shall be posted
      simultaneously on the public section of the website at the same time. 

5.7 The Board of Directors and members are entitled to vote with one vote each.

5.8 At the meetings, decisions are made by an open show of hands or, if necessary, online voting.

5.9 Minutes shall be kept of all meetings. Online meetings are recorded and stored in the internal area of the website and
      made available to the members online 6 weeks after the meeting at the latest.


6 Management Board

6.1 The election of the Board of Directors does not require a stock corporation. The board of directors consists of the 3f
founding members. The term of office is unlimited. Should founding member to leave xQUANTUM & xQUANTUM GAMEZONE early,
      it will be decided at an extraordinary meeting, if and who will replace the leaving person. 

6.2 The board of directors consists of at least three members, who hold the following functions and exercise them on an honorary basis.
      and perform them on an honorary basis.


      -Vice President

      -Secretary/Recording Secretary


6.2 The Board constitutes itself, with the exception of the President.


6.3 The tasks, duties and competences of all functions of the board are defined in the approved by the General Meeting.
      Changes are to be approved by the the General Meeting in accordance with the Articles of Association.

6.4 All members of the Board of Directors are obligated to perform the duties assigned to them for at least one term of office,
      unless otherwise agreed. 
      In case of resignation of a member during the term of office, the Board of Directors shall have the right to replace itself.

6.5 Resignations of members of the Board must be submitted in writing to the President by August 15 of the current fiscal year.


6.6 The board is the sole representative of the association towards third parties. The president or vice-president
      sign legally binding together with another member of the executive committee according to the duties of the executive committee.

6.7 The Board of Directors shall meet at the invitation of the President as often as business requires, or if requested by a majority
      of the board members.

6.8 The board has a quorum when a majority of the board members are present.


7 Finances

7.1 The Association is a non-profit association. The fiscal and accounting year coincides with the calendar year.

7.2 The income of the Association consists mainly of:
      -Investment of the passive members

      -contributions from patrons and sponsors

7.3 The expenses of the Association consist mainly of:
       -administrative expenses (website domain, hosting, etc.)

       -marketing expenses

       -expenditures according to statutory resolutions


8 Revision of the statutes and dissolution


8.1 A revision of the statutes can only be decided at an ordinary general meeting.
      The approval of all members of the Board is required.

      Amendments to the Articles of Association must be submitted in writing to the President by December 1 of the current

      business year in writing.

8.2 xQUANTUM & xQUANTUM GAMEZONE cannot dissolve itself if at least 2 members wish its continued existence.

9 Final Provisions

9.1 Each Invest/Passive Member can download the statutes from the website.

Münsingen, 01.11.2022


The Vice President                                                                    The President

Sign.                                                                                     Sign.

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