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The choice of our logo

Dandelion: the flower that makes wishes come true


The dandelion takes us back to our carefree childhood, to the days when the universe had everything ready for us.
Embraced by the sun's rays, we pluck this flower and blow the seeds into the wind. Maybe we didn't even know it was a dandelion back then, but we sure knew that it made all our dreams come true. 


What would you wish for today if you blew into the dandelion?
A new job, a new car, a nice house, money? 

Make a wish! stands for x-fold multiplication/quantity. With the xQuantum token and the seed ball of the dandelion, we symbolize the multiplication of your wealth.


Considering the current world and financial situation, it is necessary to look for alternatives in all areas.

There are concrete plans by governments and central banks to completely abolish cash, which will lead to absolute control of finances.


Therefore, the importance of the crypto market has been increasing for several years. There is a search for alternatives. The potential is far from being exhausted. Worldwide, more than 300 million people already own cryptocurrencies.


But the market is far from exhausted. More and more people are discovering the new possibilities.


With our offer we want to give everyone the possibility to hold the token over a longer period of time, to increase it and to trade it later on the different exchanges.


With our various services and offers which are planned for the future, we provide an attractive trading platform.


A part of the profits, we invest in young, innovative companies/startups, which contribute with sustainable projects/developments to the preservation of the environment, humans and animals.


We are looking for business partners worldwide who provide offers on our platform that can be purchased with our trading token XQZ.


So that our token does not fall into the bottomless pit and lose value in the event of an IPO, we offer the possibility to exchange the tokens with us for vouchers, play games, trade NFT's and much more.


If the token does not settle at a profitable level in the next 5 years, we will convert it to a stablecoin. In the long run, a stablecoin offers a safe guarantee of value on the market.

ASSOSICATION/FOUNDER is a registered non-profit supporting association for the promotion of a sustainable lifestyle and the protection and preservation of the environment, humans and animals.


Headquarters: Switzerland

Year of foundation: 2022


Management: Roger Naef, Nicole Fasel


On the trading platform you have the possibility to trade your tokens in the presale phase.

The price increases with a certain number of sold tokens. At any time you can put your token online at your desired price for other buyers.

Already in the presale phase you have the opportunity to take profits.

The buyers in turn have the advantage to buy the token cheaper than the current token price.


xQuantum Token (XQZ)


xQuantum Token (XQZ) is a trading token which offers various functionalities like:



-NFT play games

-exchange for vouchers


The range of services is constantly being expanded.

Staking offer: 15% monthly.

Minimum term is 1 month. Staking can be deactivated by the user/buyer himself.

4 weeks prior to the IPO, the 30-day notice period for staking no longer applies, allowing a more agile response to the market situation.


xQuantum Token S (XQZS)


xQuantum Token S (XQZS) is a pure staking token. The profits from staking are paid out directly to the deposited wallet.




Dandelion Staking XQZS S

Staking deposit: 500USDT / 25% monthly compound interest monthly


Dandelion Staking XQZS M

Staking deposit: 750USDT / 30% compound interest monthly


Dandelion Staking XQZS L

Staking deposit 1'000 USDT / 40% compound interest monthly

xQuantum Credit Staking Token 

For people with small budget, we offer the xQuantum credit staking plan.
Even with a small investment it is possible to increase your money in the long term. 
The xQuantum loan can be applied for anonymously directly on the website. 




Dandelion Credit S
Invest: 100 USD / 8% compound interest / Credit 10'000 XQZS Tokens


Dandelion Credit M
Invest: 200 USD / 12% compound interest / credit 20'000 XQZS tokens


Dandelion Credit L
Invest: 300 USD / 16% compound interest / Creidt 30'000 XQZS Tokens

Term: 12 months 

The contract cannot be cancelled before.

The granted credit amount, including your investment amount, will be directly deducted from your balance after 12 months.

50% of the granted credit amount will be invested in sustainable projects from 2024.



Purchase/Staking/Credit supports the following cryptocurrencies:






Supported wallets:

Metamask & Trustwallet Metamask only.

Before the token can be purchased, the wallet must be connected first.


Purchase, staking and creditstaking can be done directly through the website.


Token name: xQuantum

Token Ticker: XQZ





Smart-Contract address: 0xbAA7b15748898Ee5cdb9D21Ab66aadd0B5eF512a 

Decimal places: 18

Token in circulation: 500.000.000 (500 million)

Price in PreSale 0.05
After each 500'000 tokens sold, the price in the PreSale increases by 0.01 cent


Token Name: xQuantumS (pure Staking Token)

Token Ticker: XQZS





Smart-Contract-Address: 0x58f26DC61943698B565473057FADa470f16f6722


Decimal places: 18

Token in circulation: 3,000,000,000 (3 billion)

XQZ Presale


The XQZ price is determined by the smart contract, the amount of minted XQZ

and the amount of burned XQZ. The token is subject only to internal usage volatility.


For every 500000 XQZ tokens sold, the price increases by 1 dollar cent.


A smart contract is a digital contract based on blockchain technology. The agreement between "buyer" and "seller" is written

written directly into the lines of code.


Smart contracts are self-executing contracts that come into force independently when certain predefined events occur and therefore do not require human monitoring. If these entry conditions are met, the algorithm automatically initiates a transaction, which is then validated and stored in a block. Smart contracts thus enable the execution of trustworthy transactions and agreements between different parties. These digital contracts are quite comparable to classic contracts - for example, a sales contract or the conclusion of an insurance policy. Since such a smart contract is processed without human intervention, typical sources of error can also be eliminated


It's always great when someone is enthusiastic about a product and recommends it to others.

You are also welcome to recommend our product.

For every new customer you get 5% of tokens directly credited to your wallet as soon as their purchase is completed.


We have deliberately decided against an MLM system. To promote sustainability, we invest the money in the further development of our offers.

This is also the reason why we can offer attractive staking plans.



Sustainability is a top priority for us.

50% of the loans granted from the XQZS loan stakings will be invested in sustainable projects starting in 2024.

Companies/startups pursuing sustainable projects can apply with their projects until the end of October 23. In November 23, 3 companies will be selected to receive funding bonus from from 2024.

The supported projects can be found on the website


The whitepaper provides potential buyers, information about the vision and project of

The potential buyer independently decides whether they want to buy the token (XQZ), Staking token (xQZS) and/or xQuantum Staking credit to purchase or not.


Cryptocurrencies are highly speculative and subject to strong market forces and fluctuations and love beyond's control.

If the token loses value, assumes no liability. cannot be held liable for price fluctuations, liquidity, technical failures, privacy breaches, regulatory changes. Buyer is aware of the risks. Buyer refrains from any kind of lawsuits, complaints or legal action against In addition, there is no right to participate in the association or corporations. There is no guarantee that the value will increase.


The whitepaper was issued by the association (supporting association for the promotion of a sustainable lifestyle for the preservation of the environment, people and animals) on October 25, 2022.


This whitepaper as well as the content of the website httsp://, are of a purely informative nature and are not an invitation to purchase XQZ, XQZS and XQZS credit tokens.


Before the sale, there is an opportunity to sell the token to xQuantum at a predetermined price. ensures that at the time of writing the whitepaper, the information contained therein is correct to the best of its knowledge.


The whitepaper may be updated at any time without notice and is believed to be accurate at the time of publication.


Always perform your own due diligence and check with your financial advisor before making any investment.


We explicitly state that there is a total risk of loss with any crypto token or coin.

Always invest only as much money as you can afford to lose.

The value of the tokens is determined by the stock exchange and not by does everything to ensure that the token does not fall into the bottomless pit. We recommend staking to maintain your own value.

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