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In April 2023, the first own E Sport Game will be published here. the game is called xQuantum Funny Drifter.
A game that anyone who wants can play. Here you can earn money by playing and see for yourself how a real gamer feels.
A game runs for 72 hours, the earnings are collected in a prize pool and divided among the first 10 winners after 72 hours.
In the 72 hours you can play as many times as you want.

funny drifter
funny drifter

Games for everyone, coming soon

funny drifter
fortinite kapitel 4

Fortnite Kapitel 4 Season 2 in den Startlöchern

Die neue Fortnite Season “MEGA” steht unmittelbar bevor. Zum aktuellen Zeitpunkt (08.03. – 12:00 Uhr) sind die Fortnite-Server aufgrund von Wartungsarbeiten offline.          LINK

Progress on the x Quantum games. It won't be long before we're online.
Everyone can be there and earn money with xQuantum. Your game, your win if you're good enough.

We, the xQuantum team, would like to thank the sponsor of the month. Cederik (ZED)! Thank you for the trust that you bring to us. The E-Sport Team Gamma is being rebuilt and promoted.

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